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What We Do

EEI is a training and consulting firm.  In 1993 we started helping clients maximize profits by tuning their companies to perform at full potential. EEI is dedicate to helping organizations advance a disciplined approach to culture strategy and applied employee engagement methods and measurement.

A company’s culture is the social environment in which work takes place. It defines the norms of behavior. We are Culture Architects and agents of positive change. Our approach is to develop a culture that calls forth engagement from your employees.

Our continuing success proves that if you provide employees with the right tools and a rewarding environment they will assume responsibility for results, implement the business plan, improve ease-of-operation and increase profits.


We Are Your Primary Source for Culture Strategy & Engagement Tactics

Engagement thrives in a Culture of Partnership where: 1.) employees are aligned with the business goals and committed to achieving them and 2.) management practices are tuned to deliver a high quality of work experience.  Because culture is a collection of learnable behavior patterns, we can use EEI’s Partnership Model to evolve your culture into a partnership culture


Develop Your Management Team
This partnership model is the framework for a broad range of management tools and methods. Engagement becomes a sustained reality when these tools and methods become part of every manager’s way of operating.


Measure Your Culture and Engagement

ROI: Are You Getting the Return You Want From Your Labor Investment? 

  • A high level of engagement has proven to increase profits, reduce turnover and improve ease-of-operation.
  • A culture of partnership results in a higher market valuation by increasing the value of the assets (people and process) that drive the equity value formula (profit x multiple).
  • Union-Proof your company. Employee engagement makes unions irrelevant.

Be the type of Leader that develops a Company-of-Choice

  • for Customers
  • for Employees
  • for Buyers/Investors 

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Selected Clients

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“We originally hired the Institute to help us develop an Incentive Pay plan linked to department ScoreCards.
But we quickly embraced the Applied Engagement™ System and moved our organization to a culture of partnership.
We now have a long track record of engaged employees and superior performance.”

Andrew Jetter, CEO, Federal Home Loan Bank

Strategic Partner


Welcome to the BullseyeEngagement

EEI has partnered with Bullseye to offer real-time, web and mobile-based visibility into engagement. This technology removes the administrative burden from the process, so you can focus on the people.


Our Vision: We see a world where employee engagement is commonplace because it appeals to the enlightened self-interest of leaders and owners.

Our Values

Our Values: These are the principles of the Institute and its associates.

  • Caring
  • Consistency
  • Servant Leadership
  • Common Good
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