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An interview with EEI’s Executive Director.


Are You Getting The Return You Want From Your Labor Cost?

We are in the productivity  business. We deliver sustained improvement to financial and operational results by motivating employees to be more productive. We believe that if you provide employees with a rewarding environment their performance will exceed your wildest expectations.

Our Mission

Develop organizational cultures that are responsive and results oriented; that reward creativity and innovation; and that promote continuous learning, high performance and managerial excellence.


“Employee Engagement is the condition where individuals enthusiastically contribute their intellectual, emotional and physical resources to achieve the goals of the organization…because they find satisfaction and reward in their work.” It requires mutual commitment between the individual and the organization…a partnership.

EEI is Your Primary Source for Culture Strategy & Engagement Tactics That Improve Net Profit

People need a frame of reference for the concepts of Culture and Engagement. We bring the Partnership Model. We use it to develop a culture in which all employees think and act like business partners.

This model is part of an integrating framework for a broad range of management tools and methods that we refer to as Applied Engagement™ . All our engagement solutions are based on this framework.

We use this framework to:
  • Motivate employees
  • Develop accountability
  • Improve performance
  • Develop leadership skills in all employees

Our model-driven, tool-based solutions reduce cost, increase throughput, reduce turnover, increase ease-of-operation, enable growth and manage change.

This engagement system becomes part of every manager’s operating process. Employees become connected to the customers, the financials, the operations and the company culture. Managers and executives develop leadership skills while improving financial results and building a flexible and responsive organization.

Attention Owners
  • Make your company worth more. EEI increases the value of the assets (people and process) that drive the equity value formula (profit x multiple).
  • Union-Proof your company. A culture of Partnership makes unions irrelevant. *(New)*

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EEI partners with Bullseye Engagement, a global management solutions company

Information is a critical component of engagement. As such, EEI has partnered with Bullseye Engagement (BEPMS) to  offer web-based visibility into employee and business performance.

EEI’s engagement solutions include frequent communication and social feedback.  The BEPMS technology displays this information in real-time through innovative dashboards.

Bullseye’s software solutions are user-friendly and quickly deployed. This technology platform removes the administrative burden from the engagement process, so you can focus on the people.

 Contact us for more information about this leading-edge communication solution.



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“We originally hired the Institute to help us develop an Incentive Pay plan linked to department ScoreCards.
But we quickly embraced the Applied Engagement™ System and moved our organization to a business partner culture.
We now have a long track record of engaged employees and superior performance.”

Andrew Jetter, CEO, Federal Home Loan Bank

Selected Clients

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Our Vision: We see a world where employee engagement is commonplace because it appeals to the enlightened self-interest of leaders and owners.

Our Values

Our Values: These are the principles of the Institute and its associates.

  • Caring
  • Consistency
  • Servant Leadership
  • Common Good