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Are you Nudging your employees in the right direction?

If you’re using incentive pay, you are nudging. If you’re using positive reinforcement, either social or material, you are nudging. If you have department action teams (DATs), you are nudging. Read more

Collaboration vs. Contemplation

Collaboration is great…for getting things done. However, Solitary Contemplation is when inspiration takes place. Does your organization want “innovation” while emphasizing collaboration and a social atmosphere? Or, does it understand Read more

Do you have a Culture of Waste?

A Culture of Waste puts products at the core instead of people. What is the culture like where you are?

Who Do You Work For?

The correct answer is: “I work for the people who report to me.” If that wasn’t your answer then you’re missing the point.

McCoy to be interviewed again on “Critical Mass for Business” radio show.

“As the author of several books on compensation and engagement, Thomas McCoy knows your concerns and questions when it comes to developing high involvement high performance cultures. If you’re looking Read more

Does the Tail Wag Your Dog? (From the NY Post)

Changing your work environment in hopes of attracting the millennial generation? Think it through.  

Finally – Compensation Earns a Nobel Prize!

After writing 4 books on the topic of reward contracts (social and material) and working for 30 years in the field, I am gratified to see the Nobel Prize awarded Read more

Does Tom McGuire Favor A Caste System?

“You want to know about the turnover and engagement of critical talent. You don’t really care if an accounts payable clerk turned over.” Tom McGuire, talent strategy leader at Talent Growth Read more

Is Everybody Happy?

Happy workers are…(fill in the blanks). From the Economist

Without Trust There is Nothing

As this article in the Economist points out, Trust is Social Capital and without capital, transactions cannot occur. What are you doing to develop trust?

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