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Cynicism as a Cause of Disengagement

According to the dictionary, modern cynicism is sometimes regarded as being produced by an organization where the individual believes there is a conflict between the organization’s stated motives and goals and the actual motives and goals.

So, there is a danger of cultivating cynicism in an organization that does not live up to its Vision, Mission or Values.

Cynicism is also the result of unfulfilled expectations, which leads to disappointment, frustration, disillusionment and, eventually, distrust. Perhaps the most significant symptom of cynicism isĀ  the rejection of the need to be involved i.e. disengagement.

In short, unmanaged expectations can create a state of cynicism where employees and customers disengage.

Two following two techniques have proven effective in eliminating cynicism:

1.) Integrity: The leadership must demonstrate unwavering integrity to the Vision, Mission and Values.

2.) Managed Expectations: The expectations of customers and employees must be clearly understood using the Voice-of-the-Customer and Voice-of-the-Employee processes. Once these expectations are understood, the organization must use the appropriate management practices (Educate, Enable, Empower, Engage) to manage the expectations.

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