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Results From the Applied Engagement™ System

    1. Turnover down from 16% to 8%
    2. Culture Score up from 64% to 73% which led to the defeat of a unionizing effort
    1. Culture Score up from 65% to 79%
    2. Net income up by 11%
    3. Moved from 10th place to 1st place in national performance rankings
    1. Turnover down from 15% to 6%
    2. Culture Score up from 62% to 77%
    3. Net income up by 14%


What These Results Mean

  • Increase in revenue, profit and cash flow and company value.
  • Improve ease-of-operation. People and processes are aligned with the business strategy.
  • The company becomes an employer of choice and can attract the best talent.
  • Leaders, managers and employees work together like business partners.


How We Get These Results

EEI’s President Interviews a Client About Their Engagement Journey


Contact Us Today to discuss the system components.

1.  Applied Engagement™ Surveys
2.  Incentive Pay Plan Designs
3.  Engagement Implementation Process
4.  Library of Proven Solutions.


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“I have leveraged EEI’s expertise in compensation and organization management when providing services to multiple clients. They are among the most competent, ethical and reliable consultants in the profession”

Richard Goldbert, President, Heartland Management

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