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Become a ScoreCard design expert. Acquire the ability to develop ScoreCards on the team, department, division and company level. Learn how to identify the customers (internal and external), define the customer deliverables and establish measurement and performance criteria for each deliverable.

A multi-dimensional ScoreCard has the following characteristics
• It includes objectives that may be leading or lagging indicators of performance.
• It includes objectives that may be financial or operational indicators of performance.
• It includes objectives that focus on subjects of internal and external interest to the company.
• Each objective has a method or formula for measuring performance.
• Multiple organizational levels are included in the ScoreCard
Team or group
• The objectives are connected to specific strategic objectives

A well designed set of ScoreCards provides a view of what the whole organization looks like, how the various departments are aligned in support of the strategy, where departments share collaborative links, the accountability of each employee and the success of the organization.

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