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Engagement Made Simple

Now available through Amazon!
The Employee Engagement ToolboxToolbox cover online

Motivating and engaging your employees doesn’t need to be a difficult process.

With 37 tools, this Toolbox has all you need to motivate and engage your employees. Designed for quick and easy use, each tool is illustrated and explained in one or two pages.

The tools were collected and developed in response to situations encountered while developing employee engagement with over 20 companies.

Many of these tools will be familiar to you so you don’t need a lot of training in order to use them. They are designed to get you started quickly and achieve success early. Some examples are:

1. Provide employees with the necessary information and understanding.
a. Culture surveys
b. ScoreCards
c. Process maps
2. Establish opportunities for employees to act on the information.
a. Action planning meetings
3. Rewards based on improvement.
a. Incentive pay

There is even a Process Implementation Map to guide you!

Check it out today and see for yourself. Engagement can be easy.
Obtain the Employee Engagement Toolbox only through Amazon.

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