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The Applied Engagement™ System is…

  1. A Process for developing a culture of partnership.
  2. framework for dealing with the complexity of employee engagement.
  3. language for developing common understanding about employee engagement.
  4. structure that provides the tools to engage employees.
  5. An integrating concept for a broad range of management tools and methods.

The Applied Engagement™ System is the result of over 23 years of research and field application. It includes all the principles, models, components and tools you need to successfully develop a culture of partnership and sustain employee engagement in any organization.


Stanford Validates the Applied Engagement™ System!

The same five conditions identified in the Stanford research on engagement ( Stanford Review ) have been used by EEI for the past 23 years. They are the foundation of our engagement system. This system develops what Stanford calls ”Cascading Levels of Linked Collaboration”. We call it a culture where employees think and act like business partners.


Our Process

We use the System components to develop custom solutions that make employee engagement a part of your business strategy. These problem-focused, action-oriented solutions are proven to improve business performance.

Issue                                      System Components

  • Develop Accountability            Department ScoreCards
  • Motivate Performance              Incentive Pay
  • Retain Key Employees             Deferred Incentive Compensation
  • Measure Engagement              Survey Says
  • Solve Problems                        Department Action Teams
  • Customer Satisfaction             Service Level Agreements
  • Improve Work Flow                  Process Improvement
  • Eliminate Waste                       Total Quality & Lean


When you partner with EEI, you partner with the best!

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“Thank you for your work during the past few weeks guiding us to build an even stronger partnership culture, develop our ScoreCards and design our Incentive pay plan.
You helped us quickly do something that would have taken months, if not a full year to accomplish.
Having you on our team is amazing. Please know that we really appreciate and value your partnership.”

Christina Long – Chief Culture and People Officer. Redemption Plus


“Perhaps the strongest benefit was how the Applied Engagement™ system developed the leadership skills of our managers. It equipped them to interact with, guide and coach their employees.”

Michael Carney, President, IMG Industries


“Our employees became much more engaged in the business once they realized they were empowered to identify and implement new ways of doing things and would receive incentive pay via the ScoreCard when results improved.
Use the system and follow the process, it really works!”

Randy Woehl, Manager, Organizational Development and HR
Cartwright Companies


“We now have greater control.
The solutions developed by the Institute put things into perspective as to how to best manage the business.”

Joe Richter. CFO, Vending & Food Services Company

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