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Managing Growth and Change

The problem with growth is that it involves a lot of moving parts and each part has the potential to create a problem.
One solution is to identify the major moving parts and then take action to stabilize these variables.
Start by making a list of the key variables involved in growth. Variables such as culture, process and communication.
Then develop a plan to stabilize each variable. Stable variables go a long way toward preventing problems and enabling growth.
If possible, develop a model that represents the plan. A model provides consistency and order, two components that are in short supply during change and growth. For example, EEI uses the Partnership Model to stabilize the culture.
All the documentation around the disciplines of LEAN, Six Sigma and Total Quality show that consistent performance depends on stable variables. By stabilizing the variables you remove the problems and enable high quality performance.
Want growth? stabilize the moving parts and use models for consistency & order.

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