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Compensation and Motivation

Do you think or feel that your pay plans are not doing what you want?  Are you concerned about not getting the best ROI from your payroll costs? Do you have the expertise to design a package tailored to your company that will propel employee performance and add profits to your bottom line?

In 1993, we wrote the book on how to solve that problem. For over 23 years we have been developing innovative solutions for complicated pay problems.

Transform compensation costs into an HR investment. Use pay to motivate your employees. Link it to performance and maximize your ROI with these solutions.

Compensation Solutions from EEI

  • Compensation Philosophy that defines how pay is established. This document enables open conversation about how the company establishes its pay practices without revealing individual details. If it’s fair and equitable, employees accept it and it becomes a non-issue.
  • Total Compensation Strategy that includes base pay and incentive pay plans that make your company an employer-of-choice.
  • Base Pay Plans that make your company competitive in the market where you compete for labor. Control your labor investment by not paying too much. Control your turnover by not paying too little.
  • Incentive Pay Plans linked to performance ScoreCards. Motivate your employees to improve key performance indicators such as productivity, quality, customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Sales Incentive Plans.  Motivate your sales employees to grow revenue, improve margins and increase market share.
  • Deferred Incentive Pay Plans for key employees and your leadership team. OwnerShare and LeaderShare are designed specifically for mid-market business to attract, motivate and retain key employees who are essential to the business. Essential tools for an owner who is planning an exit strategy.



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  • Over 12,000 copies sold

    “We originally hired the Institute to help us develop an Incentive Pay plan linked to department ScoreCards.
    But we quickly embraced the Applied Engagement™ System and moved our organization to a business partner culture. We now have a long track record of engaged employees and superior performance.”

    Andrew Jetter, CEO, Federal Home Loan Bank

    “EEI’s OwnerShare incentive plan for key employees helped me retain and motivate my leadership team while I implemented my long-term transition strategy.”

    Richard Howell, CEO, Jesco

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