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Resistance is Futile

Blaming Resisters is Pointless

In the Harvard Business Review, Jeffrey D. Ford and Laurie W. Ford noted, blaming resisters not only is pointless but can actually lead to destructive managerial behaviors. When managers perceive resistance as a threat, they may become competitive, defensive, or uncommunicative. They are sometimes so concerned with being right—and not looking bad—that they lose sight of their original goals. In stubbornly pushing things through without understanding the resistance, they sacrifice goodwill, put valuable relationships in jeopardy, and squander the opportunity to engage skeptics in service of a better plan. They don’t hear about missing pieces and faulty assumptions. And, in true us-versus-them fashion, they presume that only the other folks—the resisters—need to alter their behavior and that the change would succeed if not for the resisters’ irrational and self-serving actions.

Louise Dickmeyer: People Driven Performance.

Our observation is that the most effective way to break this cycle is to provide the manager with coaching support that helps him/her reframe and view the situation differently.             EEI

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