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Create the Culture

Since 1993 we have been delivering customized solutions that eliminate employee feelings of anger, dissatisfaction, confusion and helplessness. We replace those feeling with a culture where employees assume accountability for results, implement the business plan, improve operations and increase profitable growth.

Example: In 2003, EEI began working with the Federal Home Loan Bank – Topeka to develop a sustainable culture of partnership. This video shows the benefits of that transformation!

hrci_afc_preapprovedseal_2016_newHRCI Accredited Seminars


The following program(s) have been approved for credit hours toward PHR, SPHR and GPHR recertification through the HR Certification Institute.


  • All You Need To Know About Applied Employee Engagement™.  6.75 credits – Business

This one-day seminar is essential for any company considering the journey to develop their culture and engage their employees. It delivers all the concepts, models and tools that are needed to successfully transform your company culture and engage your employees.

Learning Points

    1. Executives and managers obtain the knowledge they must have to develop a clear understanding of the Employee Engagement philosophy and the management style required for success.
    2. Once on the journey, this seminar provides essential education for supervisors and managers in the relationship of their role toward the strategy.
    3. It demonstrates the training that all employees must have in order to be empowered to work on people and process enhancement initiatives.
  • How to Develop ScoreCards: The Voice of the Customer.   1.0 credit – Business

This 60 minute course delivers a practical understanding of how to develop a performance ScoreCard and how to measure performance. This included an analysis of the framework and the process used to identify the organizational performance metrics. Emphasis is on identifying the voice of the customer and using the ScoreCard to communicate customer needs to the employees.

Learning Points

    1. Learn how to deliver targeted information to the people who need it.
    2. Develop a practical understanding of how to develop a ScoreCard.
    3. Learn how to identify relevant objectives.
    4. Learn the secret of how to measure performance.

Customized Seminars and Training

  • A Solid Overview of the Engagement Journey

Purpose: In this 90 minute seminar you will learn how to successfully deploy a proven engagement strategy.

What You Will Learn: In 90 minutes you will see what the next 3 years of the engagement journey look like. Based on over 28 years of research and client application, this fast-paced seminar explains how to develop a culture that calls forth engagement from all employees.

Available on-site or as a webinar.

  • Create a Strategy to Develop Your Company Culture and Enhance Employee Engagement

Purpose:  This two-day workshop is designed to develop a common understanding among all participants on how to develop a company culture that will call forth engagement from your employees.

What You Will Learn: This workshop contains everything you need to know about culture development and employee engagement. It explains all the concepts, definitions, models, frameworks and tools necessary to develop your strategy and tactics.


    1. The strategy
    2. Why It Works
    3. Tactics and timeline
    4. Implementation Strategy
    5. Knowledge Test: The Jeopardy game

Outcomes: At the end of this workshop you will…

    1. Have a solid understanding of a model-driven strategy for developing a culture that draws forth engagement.
    2. Developed a Strategy for Culture and Engagement
    3. Understand how to implement the strategy
    4. Understand how to measure your culture and track improvement in engagement
    5. Create a list of tactics you can use to develop your culture and improve engagement.
  • Four Attributes of Employee Engagement…And How To Develop Them
    1. Trust
    2. Empowerment
    3. Teamwork
    4. Innovation

Purpose: Each of these 60 minute seminars will educate you on a major attribute of engagement and how it can be applied in the workplace. These seminars can be combined into one 4 hour seminar.

What You Will Learn: Each seminar will provide you with understanding of an attribute, how it impacts engagement in the workplace and what can be done to reduce the negative effects and increase the positive effects. The instructor will present the knowledge to the attendees. Attendees will then break into small groups for discussion and exercises that will consolidate the learning. Introspection exercises will help each participant develop a personal list of techniques to implement these attributes in the workplace.

The workbook for these seminars is “Four Attributes of Employee Engagement…And How To Develop Them.”

  • How to Develop Service Level Agreements

This 2 hour seminar teaches employees how to obtain the Voice-of-the-Customer, how use that information to eliminate the silo mentality and how to improve teamwork and communications. These skills empower them to reduce warranty claims and retain customers.

  • How to Develop Action Plans That Eliminate Problems and Improve Performance.

Action Planning (AP) is a fundamental component of engagement and empowerment. It enables employees to participate in the improvement process, contribute their ideas and suggestions and take action to improve work process, performance, profit and their work experience.

The 90 minute seminar educates employees about the AP process and shows them how to use it in a team setting to identify and implement new, more effective ways of doing things.

The 4 hour seminar teaches you how apply the AP process to specific information from performance ScoreCards. This targeted approach enables employees  to identify problems and develop solutions that permanently eliminate performance and process problems.

These seminars are applicable for all levels of the organization.

    1. Executives learn how to support the Action Planning process throughout their organization.
    2. Managers learn how to facilitate the Action Planning process within their departments.
    3. Employees at all levels learn how to develop high value solutions that eliminate problems and improve the work experience.
  • Strategy Alignment on the Department Level

This is customized training includes Strategy Deployment, Change Management Thinking and Department SWOT Analysis.

Working with each department, this training enables department employees to align with the business strategy, understand which portion of the strategy they support and identify in detail what they can do to implement the strategy.

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“It was extremely helpful to have you there to keep everyone focused as we developed the ScoreCard. Everyone brought their own agenda to the meeting and you helped us move past those to a common understanding of our goals.

We were all impressed with the ScoreCard design and how it displayed the shared relationships between departments. It got us working as a team.”

Clark Hoover, CFO Axel Americas – Part of the Fairford Group


“What’s it worth to get all your people to think about the business the way you do? These solutions are essential to achieving our growth plan.”

Philip Goforth. General Contractor


“I have leveraged EEI’s expertise in compensation and organization management when providing services to multiple clients. They are among the most competent, ethical and reliable consultants in the profession”

Richard Goldbert, President, Heartland Management

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