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Applied Engagementâ„¢ Survey – Measure culture and employee engagement

Do you know the score?
Use this tool to gather objective data that will reduce turnover, increase engagement, improve ease-of-operation and increase profit.

  • Measure the effectiveness of your Management Practices.
  • Receive meaningful, actionable information you can use to improvement culture and engagement
  • Based in part on research done at the Department of Psychology and the University of Chicago.
  • Validated by research done at Stanford University.

Retention – Identify key employees who are at-risk of leaving

  • Have you ever invested heavily in a high-potential individual only to have that person leave the organization?
  • What would it be worth to know when there is a risk of losing key talent and how to eliminate it?
  • This survey uses predictive people analytics to identify the potential risk and prescribe the appropriate corrective action.
  • Or, use it as an exit survey to gain meaningful, actionable information on why employees leave.
  • The ROI is huge!


Veteran Retention Tool (VRT)

If your company is committed to hiring veterans, then you know how the veteran can have difficulty fitting into the company culture. Contact us today to learn how the VRT can identify the causes of the disconnect and recommend actions that ensure a good fit.

  • Veterans bring a high sense of purpose and teamwork.
  • Helping them integrate into your company will result in loyal, dedicated and engaged employees.


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